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NABA Summer Program 2015

(Registration is Now Open)

NABA is offering the following summer programs:

Summer Rec Program-Grades 6 to 8 (click here for information)

Summer Rec Program-Grades 3 to 5 (click here for information)

Summer Boot Camp for Girls (Grades 5-8) (Click here for information)

Annual Election Notice

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In-House Leagues

NABA provides an in-house program, which enables students to have fun learning and playing basketball in a less-competitive setting. The program is centered on clinics, team practices and league games. The program starts in late October with clinics for the lower level groups and are run by coaches of the North Allegheny School District. These clinics are not mandatory but are there for the benefit of our members so kids who are just beginning basketball receive good instruction on learning various basketball skills and drills. For the lower levels (Grades 3-6) their program then runs from November to the end of January. For our upper levels (Grades 7-12), their program runs from December to the end of February. Please see our information link on the right for more information on our various leagues.

In-House Clinic Schedule

For all players registered to play in our In-House Leagues, NABA sponsors 2 clinics for each division in grades 3 through 6 which are run by Jeff Smalley and Dawn Murphy, North Allegheny Middle School Coaches. These clinics are used to teach NABA players various skills which will enhance their basketball abilities.

Please click on this link for this year's Clinic Schedule.

NABA Travel Team Tryouts

NABA will conduct a one day tryout for the 2014-2015 Season for the Boys and Girls Travel Basketball Teams.
This tryout applies only for Boys competing in our 4th, 5th or 6th Grade Divisions and Girls competing in the 3rd/4th, 5th/6th or 7th/8th Grade Divisions.

All other kids will play in our in-house programs.
NABA will sponsor up to two travel teams for each grade level. The number of teams sponsored will be a function of the number of players registered for NABA at each grade level, and the talent of the players at tryouts. Travel basketball exists to provide a competitive level for players with advanced skills.

The time commitment for travel basketball will involve 2 games per week, one home and one away, and up to two practices per week. The season runs from November 1st through Feb 28th. NABA will provide all gym time for practices and home games.

In order to be eligible to participate in travel tryouts, the player must be registered with NABA prior to October 10th.
The website is currently open for registration, so please sign up. If an NABA registered player does not make a travel team, they will be placed on an in-house team. No refunds will be provided to any player that has participated in any tryouts, clinics, practices, or games.

Please click on this link for the Travel Tryout Schedule.

NABA Fall Boot Camp-
Boys Grade 7th & 8th

Please click on the following link to get information on our
Fall Boot Camp for Boys in grade 7th and 8th.

Board Meetings

The NABA Board of Directors meets the first Monday of every month at 6:45 PM at the Baierl Center - Ponce Room (located on the NASH campus). The next board meeting is Monday, December 1 at at 6:45 PM at the Baierl Center on the North Allegheny Senior High School Campus in the Ponce Room.

Our Mission Statement

North Allegheny Basketball Association, Inc. is organized to provide opportunities for students residing within the North Allegheny School District to learn the game of basketball, develop their individual and team skills as basketball players and play the game of basketball in accordance with good sportsmanship, with respect for teammates, coaches, and officials. North Allegheny Basketball Association, Inc. will not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, creed, religion, or sex. No one will be denied opportunity to participate in the basketball programs offered by North Allegheny Basketball Association, Inc. because of economic circumstances.